WESMEA-DIGITAL is part of WESMEA and operates from Roeselare, Belgium.

It specializes in building digital support tools.

  • We help companies that have unique issues and needs.
  • We help companies that want an application in operation quick.  And with the option to expand step by step in the future.
  • We help companies that prefer a simple and low cost application.  Companies that believe in the 80/20 principle.

The purpose of WESMEA-DIGITAL is to provide the answer to that need:  we want to provide you that desired affordable software solution.

Our people have years of experience in analyzing, specifying, coding, testing, and deploying software. We selected modern software development tools, quick to develop and deploy your application.

Below are a few of the applications we can provide. All these applications will be tailor-made for you. Whatever your exciting challenge would be - no problem, just contact us!

Book Professional Services

What if ...

... Your customer could see your agenda online. And then select a matching time slot.

... You could even work together with your friend-colleagues. And publish both agenda's.

... The client would get an automated offer, to approve.

... And approved offers would be sent to both your agenda's.

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Keep Track of Expenses

What if ...

... They could take a picture of the receipt with their smartphone. And at the same time report the costs incurred.

... You could then approve the purchase.

... At any time, it just takes one click. And you would get an overview of all expenses.

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What if ...

... You could publish the team schedule for them to view and consult?

... They could post on the bulletin board their request, and find someone willing to change.

... All it would take then is your approval to publish the new roster.

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Follow Up on Customer Questions

What if ...

... You and your client would have the same view on open questions and answers?

... There would be no confusion on the status, progress, condition, etc ... of each topic?

... The way how you do business would be reflected in how the messages are presented?

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Maintenance and Repair

What if ...

... They could select a free time slot for repair themselves.

... The system would inform the client of your quote. And would then register the approval digitally.

... All this while you could continue working undisturbed?

... And after the repair the client would be notified that the repair is done.

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Reserve your Table

What if ...

... Your customer could use your online application system, to select his favorite table on the floor plan.

... He could even select several adjacent tables. And write a request. If those tables could be joined, for his company of 12 persons?

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