Do you have any desire to improve your services towards customers, business partners, co-workers, ...

by sharing, or letting them contribute information, maybe even 24/7 ?










Your business is unique.  And so is the way how you would like to communicate with your partners.  Keep track of what is going on in combination with communicating via e-mail, receiving calls while concentrating on something else... sometimes it can be too much.

What you need is some digital support, specifically made for you.  Not too much, not too little.  Reliable, simple, ànd affordable.

We at WESMEA can build this for you.  We have years of experience to help you differentiate between what you "must have" or what is "nice to have".  We are using technologies that allow us to develop rapidly, and step by step.  And above all, highly qualified software engineers are developing your digital support.

In this way, you can dedicate your time to what really matters.

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During a first short call we will make further appointments how we can assist in bringing a solution to your challenge.

Next we will agree on what you need, what are the first few "must-have" features you need, and to start using those. 

Of course you have a good picture what the eventual solution should be!  But through years of experience in developing, defining, and implementing software we learned that there is so much value in seeing and using the system early on, and use those insights to determine the next steps and the final solution.

Clarity is important: how will it work, what benefits will it bring, what will it cost.

Once you have agreed on the specifications and we have made the necessary arrangements, you will see your application grow in no time and it will bring you your expected benefits.  And after using the application for a while, we will be very happy to discuss the next steps forward !

Wat are our core beliefs?


If an assistant, virtual or real, is not reliable then you are better off without the assistant.


A simple solution is able to deliver 80% of the results with 20% of the efforts.


Rome wasn't built in 1 day either.  Building step by step, every time checking if the next step will still be worth it.

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